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We pray to celebrate

We pray to ask for intercession

We pray in gratitude


We pray to uplift


We pray to bless ourselves and each other

We pray for those we feel we cannot live without 

We pray to heal our woundedness 

We pray for inner evolution and our collective evolution

We pray for the pain that feels too much 

We pray from our fear of suffering and for the end of suffering

We pray for the health and well-being of all beings

We pray for those who have hurt us so they will hurt no more

We pray for those we have hurt so we will hurt no more 

We pray for the grace of forgiveness 

We pray to birth our dreams of life into reality

We pray so we can protect and nurture our creations into their full potentials

We pray to let go and let all life live, wild and free to self define

We pray to transform our human miscreations into healed

patterns for the highest and greatest good of all

We pray to heal the unresolved pain our ancestors bore that still

resides in our cellular memory, aching to be transformed

We pray for our healing so our children and our children’s children and

all beings inherit a more beautiful future than our miscreations

We pray for the healing of MotherGaia from our mistreatment

We pray for a million reasons from the infinitesimal to that which spans infinity

We pray for peace

We pray to intentionally speak, feel and believe

the world we seek into being;

to realize heaven on earth. 

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