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Lisa Catania channels personalized prayers/poems as a vehicle for other’s personal healing and transformation. She holds perceptive, intuitive space to deeply connect with the soulful promise and potential within an individuals’ desire for healing and growth.  She creates hope and support for an individuals’ Sacred Phoenix journey of personal transformation. 


While she does not provide therapy services as PrayerSmith, Lisa’s services are influenced by her profession as a spiritual psychotherapist. She believes that early life conditioning and unresolved traumas form an individual’s sense of reality, setting them up for an archetypal hero’s journey to either re-create or to heal the issues created for their soul’s ongoing evolution.  She has been personally influenced by her own existential journey, as a highly sensitive empath seeking meaning and transformational growth through personal and collective suffering.




Lisa’s spiritual consultation includes a personalized prayer to support your transformational process.  After your Zoom session, Lisa will email your prayer within a week.  She will also mail you a paper copy and a small gift to hold your manifestation promise, infusing and blessing your prayer and gift with Reiki/healing love energy.  She asks for your agreement that she may use your prayer for our collective transformation.  The created universal prayer will not include anything that could disclose your identity.



90-minute session

via Zoom



Three 60-minute

sessions via Zoom


Most Recommended!

** Payment is due in advance, agreement for services will contain more specifics. 


"Lisa, this is beautiful! And it summarizes my dream in a way I could never imagine. Your command of words and feelings is phenomenal. You are the essence of Maya Angelo’s poem, Phenomenal Woman. May blessings continue to come your way. 💕"

- C.W.

"I am feeling a bit speechless… I feel like you took the spirit of our conversation and transmuted it into words. And it feels like they could have been my words, as I knew the Truth of them from my own core as I read them. I cried most of my way through. Just like when we spoke, as the affirmations started I began to lose focus and reject the nurturing feeling. I plan to read this daily until I can stay present the whole way through and really absorb it. I want to sit in loving kindness for myself for a while. I want to remember again that I AM - and am constantly re/creating - my own Light. Thank you for such a beautiful reminder. The tears that happened were a beautiful, gentle release. Thank you for sharing your gifts and a part of who you are with me. I'm incredibly grateful."

- A.

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