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We Are Collectively Birthing A New Paradigm

There is a quickening happening now.

The contractions are coming closer together

as we are collectively birthing

a new paradigm

and a new sacred reality

with Mother Gaia and the Company of Heaven.

Old paradigms of power and control are collapsing.

Indeed, things must die

and be transformed

in order for new life

to come into Be-ing.

We have been training for lifetimes,

to midwife this shift of ages.

I steady myself to be in the world,

but not of the world.

I Am aware of how many people

are flailing in fear beliefs

as we are constantly being reminded

of our vulnerability and mortality.

I meet my fear of change

with reassurance that old paradigms

need to challenged and deconstructed

for new growth to emerge.

I resist the disease of duality

and I choose to trust my brothers and sisters

who think differently than me.

I meet them

with radical Unconditional Love.

I turn inward,

doing my Self work

of transforming and healing

all fears back into faith and love.

I trust, beyond proof and my human understanding, that

I Am part of a great invisible web of interconnective lightworkers.

I root deep into my trust of the deep and broad grid of our collective light work.

I breathe faith into the collective’s contractions

so our shared midwifing

remains strong and courageous

yet gentle and reassured.

I consciously choose to resonate

at the frequencies of

Unconditional Love,

radical forgiveness,


and JOY

being here,


I sing,

I dance,

I laugh,

I play,

I celebrate.

As we give Way

to the Age of Aquarius

to the New Earth

for the highest and greatest good

for all Beings!





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Blessings, Lisa

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