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Tower Events

In the tarot deck, there is a major arcana card called The Tower. It represents a sudden upheaval with lightning and fire bringing down a high spire, with the King and Queen falling to the ground. It is often interpreted as a karmic and fate-changing fall from structures inconguous to our soul truest desires for advancement. It usually indicates a shift from a surface-level materialistic, naive security/consciousness state to recreating and redefining security through a forced invitation into a hero’s journey of the heart. It is time to be radically reborn, asserting your authentic values and beliefs as you rebuild.


No one is ready for their tower to fall.

A spouse's affair is suddenly revealed.

A serious cancer diagnosis is discovered.

A forest fire devours one’s home and neighborhood.

A loved one dies in a tragic accident.

You must face the cost of your addiction.

You become homeless.

You are suddenly left.

Tower events are marked by deep and widespread devastation wherein you are stripped naked of your normal coping mechanisms and beliefs. You are gutted by calamitous destruction, left only with remnants of your accumulated treasures and your belief systems. Tragedy begets tragedy as more foundational problems are exposed, forcing you to be present with no opportunities to escape.

While it feels like a curse or a personal condemnation, you are challenged to find your innate will to salvage your life. Through tragedy, you are given the opportunity to dig through the ashes to find how you allowed and co-created what now you must face. You are wise to trust deep soul wisdom which forces you to acknowledge your blindspots, your complicity in toxic patterns and unresolved issues. Through radical soul-responsibility, you humbly must realize this tragedy presents a sacred life-defining opportunity for your own transformational progress.

At a profound life crossroad, you must make a choice: Do you stay in a victim mindset and replicate structural patterns dooming you to the same fate? Or through your Sacred Phoenix, do you rise? Engaging radical new patterns stored within the golden recesses of your soul’s wisdom?


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