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To All the Children and Grandchildren

To all the children, and grandchildren:

You will be tested in life,

however, suffering is optional.

You will come to see that you are a mortal, vulnerable being.

There will be things that will scare you and pain you and bring you to your knees.

You will be tempted to give up, to turn off, to try to control or to “beat” the circumstances.

Instead, strive to soften.

Turn to what’s causing you fear and pain,

and listen.

Listen for what has been neglected, unseen, unhealed.

Meet your pain with curiosity:

vulnerable, humble, honest openness.

Ask questions:

what actions or inactions of mine, society or my ancestors contributed to this coming to be? What pollution, unhealed wounds, neglect, abuse, brainwashing created my discordance and disrupted my connection to healthy flow?

Stay with the questions with love and presence for this alone starts healing the pathways to reconnection and restoration of power and flow.

Forgive us, your ancestors,

for our complaisance, our disconnection, our unresolved traumas

and mistruths we passed on to you.

We were too lost in the toxic programming designed to keep us complicit in our own brokenness.

Be generous in forgiving yourself as well, for any and all self-abuse, self-neglect.

Don’t stay in the wastelands of blame, shame and anger.

Open your heart’s door

to the truth of who YOU are.

Conceived from microscopic genetic potential and pure energy,

you have a magical body and soul that is perfectly designed with its own self-healing abilities.

YOU are pure consciousness,

a Divine Spark,

an immortal presence

having an earthly experience.

You are the beauty of our pure potential,

you are our hope and

you hold the key

for establishing the new patterns

for an incredible future.

The truth is YOU are that

powerful, and magical…

YOU are Divinity incarnate.

Let your pain awaken you.

Let your self love and reconnection heal you.

May your love heal us all.



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Blessings, Lisa

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