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The Storm of Radical Transformation

The Storm of Change is imminent.

Pawing at any door which confines and traps,

the barn mare is pacing anxiously,

demanding her freedom.

She senses the storm which will return her wildness,

breaking down doors and structures which no longer will serve.

The Storm of Change must be mighty,

bringing all back to essential truths;

because what else will remain

when the Winds of Transformation move through us individually and collectively?

Radical change is never peaceful, nor comfortable.

We must uncover the invisible shackles which constrain us.

That which betrays our best interest

must surface into our knowing,

and we must make a heartfelt, free will choice

to facilitate our own growth and freedom

so that we may transform and recover who we truly are.

We will be asked again and again to let go

of patterns that maintain our complacency and compliance in toxic patterns of our own construct.

As we connect to the power of our personal Higher Self,

we find the window in our Soul for our Spirit to sweep us clean

through our own blessed winds of transformational change.

In actualizing our Soul’s promise to be awake, wild and free,

we reclaim our awareness and power

as the Creator of our individual and collective reality.

Purified and restored by the storms,

holy and pure in our true nature,

we can re-create life on this precious planet

in true Harmony

with ourselves, with others,

and with our greater family of all beings who share our multidimensional home.

May the prayers herein act as Your transmissions,

may they become Your transformational activations

to align You to the truth of who You are

as You allow yourself

to Awaken and Transform through

The Activation of Your Sacred Phoenix.

And so it is!

Amen! Aho! Ashe!


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Blessings, Lisa

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