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The Divine Mother Within

The human journey is full of brokenness, beginning with imperfect attachment with our

earthly parents who did the best they could as they loved and cared for us through their own unhealed patterns of unresolved traumas. In our self-relationship, we can re-create nurturing, safety and comfort through surrendering to the Divine Mother Within. As our Inner Child becomes (w)holy secure, we can grow with more courage and bravery in our self-actualization journey.


O Divine Mother Within,

thank you for the depths and graces of your healing.

You have always responded

before my Inner Child could expresses primal cries of distress,

forever attuned to my intrinsic needs as my own sweet beloved.

I thank you!

Deep within, you have always

maintained holy symbiosis.

You are the cave into which my Inner Child had tunneled

when I thought she disappeared within my shadowlands.

Now, breaking the illusion of dissociation,

I have found in my moments of complete desolation,

I never disappeared.

I had just sought refuge within

my internal sacred resources.

In my early traumas,

you put me to sleep...

into a deep psychic, emotional, mental sleep.

I hibernated,

but now,

my Divine Mother Within,

you gently open my eyes and invite me to behold anew

the absolute Glory...

in the ordinary splendors of

the warm sun,

a cool rainshower,

a gentle touch (even when it is my own),

and, in my own precious tears...

reminding me of this extraordinary gift of life beyond my cave of fear.

My Inner Child surrenders,

as my Divine Mother Within lovingly holds me,

as I comfort myself through my grief and pain,

restoring me to Myself.

In my darkest hours,

I Am never alone.

Through my own complete embrace of Inner Child and Divine Mother Within,

I find:

I Am Loved.

I Am held.

I Am complete, whole and worthy.

Because of such Love,

I hope,

I transcend and

I thrive:

for this is My Destiny!

I Am so thankful for Me!



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I hope this prayer is a blessing for you.

Please personalize it with your own words and beautiful heart-resonant energy.


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Blessings, Lisa

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