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The Blessing to Fully Feel

Through Self-Love

I provide myself safe spaces for all the messiness of stored grief:

for my inner child to cry, yell, expel and express her pain

for all the unresolved hurts, big and small.

I wrap my arms around myself, and I ask for Divine Love to hold me.

I surrender to curling up and crying in my aloneness,

knowing that I Am held

while outwardly I convulse in loneliness.

I allow myself to be hysterical.

I groan, I sob, I yell silently, I bawl loudly,

I weep no tears and I cry a river of tears.

I allow myself to feel sorry for myself.

I indulge my projections, my tales of pain, hurt.

I find a way to break through the wall and to let whatever needs to come

out, To flow unexcusedly.

I allow my face to get terribly red and hot, and my eyes to get blotchy and

swollen. I snottily detonate my nose!

I allow myself to be seen by others who can hold the space,

others who are metamorphosing into their whole-heartedness right alongside me. I reach out to hold you in the blessed contagiousness of our sorrows.

I fall into the embrace,

the maelstrom of our shared expression of release,

and the comforting love of being held...

by me,

by Divine Love,

by you.

My grief is my balm,

my medicine,

my passage

for my healing reclamation to wholehearted living.


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I hope this prayer is a blessing for you.

Please personalize it with your own words and beautiful heart-resonant energy.


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Blessings, Lisa

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