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The Blessing of Saying No

I lovingly empower myself to say no.

I know that when I start

with respecting me

that all of my relationships benefit.

I observe and protect my inner child,

I hear her impulse to want to give, to fix.

I treasure her precious heart

that wants to devote her alchemy,

her kindness,

her resources to others

in an attempt to secure their well-being.

And her value

and belonging to them.

I recognize the many times that

I perceived other’s suffering,

triggering my own pain of disconnection.

I used to believe that if I could

only tend to and heal others,

that they would heal, blossom and be grateful,

and would return the love

and the connection for which I longed.

I unintentionally participated

in love and healing as a commodity

for worth and sacrificial responsibility.

Now, I know that each person’s pain

is a personal invitation

to restore their sacred wholeness.

We each have our work to do.

Now, when I practice boundaries,

saying no with confidence and security,

I Am expressing respect for myself

as well as my deep love for others,

assured that they are the solution they seek.

When I say no to them,

I invite my loved one

to be responsible for their own evolution.

I have learned that

there is nothing to fear in struggle and pain.

I lovingly empower myself to say no.

I lovingly shift my attention to myself,

grounding and securing myself

so then I may


maintain healthy boundaries.

Doing so,

I express my deepest capacity

of loving you by loving me.


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Please personalize it with your own words and beautiful heart-resonant energy.


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Blessings, Lisa

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