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Shattering My Conditioning

When I was young, I learned to turn away from what I was feeling inside.

Those around me could not mirror and help me attune

to the signals of my inner experience.

Perhaps those around them also lacked emotional and spiritual attunement

and were disconnected from recognizing these signals.

For how many generations has this been?

When were my bloodlines colonized, desensitized and sterilized?

At what cost?

At what trauma?

How deep does this numbness go?

This numbness that has us perpetuating an unending anesthesia,

separating us from our hearts,

our Spirits,

each other?

I have come to know

that this is the way oppressive systems intentionally and systematically

seek to control

the powerful way we connect to our own God-given wisdom and magic;

and to separate us from our innate intuitive empathic connection to each other,

numbing our telepathic heart-centered attunement

within the interconnective web of all things.

We have all been enslaved to build and maintain our own imprisonment.

The powers-that-be capitalize on duality and polarities,

creating hierarchies and classifications of worthiness,

granting meager privileges with contrived value

to what we have been programmed

to seek, obtain, compete and protect at each other’s cost

for perceived security and fortune.

Some of us have forgotten we are asleep,

and defend the paradigms of our own imprisonment.

Others of us are too overwhelmed and scared to awaken,

feeling riddled with unnamed anxiety

and constantly haunted by the looming penance of unresolved trauma’s cost

to remember and reclaim what has gone unfelt.

Others feel compelled

to feel, to name, to share and to even gather in unsanctioned public spaces,

risking being called witches, zealots, hippies and rebels

in order to reclaim our connections

to our heart’s inner guidance, each other, and our Oneness.

And our sovereign freedom.

I now reject this conditioning!

I reclaim my power and connection to Self, God and my family of all Beings.

I AM that powerful.

I AM loving myself and all life back to freedom!

Rebelliously and miraculously,

I AM lovingly learning to love me!

And you.

I will no longer divide my heart in judgment and condemnation.

I will no longer neglect, suppress and suspect my internal feelings and needs.

I am not scared to feel my own heart!

As I embrace, accept and heal all I feel inside,

I discover and trust the beautiful truth and power of who I AM.

With radical forgiveness and radical responsibility,

I AM shattering all imprisoning illusions and my complacency.

I AM loving myself and all life back to freedom!

And so it is!


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Blessings, Lisa

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