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Sacred Phoenix

BELOVED, help me know that I Am enough.

What is it?

Deep inside me,

that leaves me doubting myself

even as I take to the air with my mighty wings?

Just as I believe in my greatness,

I remind myself of what cursed Icarus,

And I nose-dive, folding my wings mid-flight.

What do I fear?

Do I fear my hubris, my possible arrogance, my emboldened naïveté? Do I fear that I will give away my power to others once


That I will acquiesce to the voices that stifled my dreams as silly and foolish, admonishing me to behave and obey?

Do I fear that I will be cast from my visions of my greatness,

and that the sun might melt my waxed wings,

catapulting me down to be broken once again?


I find myself again!

From the infinite light inside,

as a phoenix from the ashes

I remember, and I rise!

It is a fallacy that the gods want to punish me

for using my brilliance

to escape that which entraps me.

It is a fallacy that the gods want to punish me

for using my wings

so that I may fly close to the sun.

The truth that resonates

clearly in my heart is that

I AM Loved beyond measure,

and that the heavens are mine to explore.

Deep in my cellular memory, I remember

playing freely throughout all galactic space,

as light and sound waves move,

without limit.

When I allow myself to fly high

I become One with the sun.

I shine MY light,

I return my song to the cosmos

and harmonize with the eternal miracle

of light returning to light.

One of the greatest gifts of this human journey,

that is the truth of my birthright:

I am fallible!

As I attempt and fail,

I position myself to resurrect into a new form

time and time again.

And each time I rise,

more emboldened with my light,

I bring renewed flame to our collective light!


the truth

of OUR god-ness in form.

For this, I AM eternally grateful.



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Blessings, Lisa

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