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Restoring the Divine Mother and the Divine Father Within

I Am cultivating the Divine Mother within

who validates, reassures, nurtures, feeds, heals, and restores my heart and my Inner Child.

She teaches me how essential and lovable I Am,

securing me with her Unconditional Love.

She enriches and decorates my inner world, my inner sanctum

so that my goodness and creativity can flourish.

She nourishes and celebrates my precious essence,

adorning me as the Divine Being I Am.

I Am cultivating the Divine Father within

who sets and maintains boundaries, protects, provides, and acts to secure my well-being.

He honors and loves me unconditionally, insisting all other do the same.

He navigates the outer world on my behalf,

detecting and slaying predators,

rebuffing those who would harvest my goodness for their own gain.

He confidently directs mutual respect and insures my needs and wants are reverently met

as I share my precious essence and heart.

As I learn to better nurture, nourish and protect myself,

I forgive my earthly significant others and my bloodlines

for that which they could/can not give in their own unrecognized brokenness.

As I practice my newly cultivated self-care and boundaries practices,

I will naturally challenge others' programming and patterns.

I fortify myself within as I weather these winds of change.

My Divine Mother and Father within hug me tightly,

celebrating my reclamation of my Internal Garden of Eden,

forever awaiting my return.



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Please personalize it with your own words and beautiful heart-resonant energy.


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Blessings, Lisa

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