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Reclaiming My Inner Child

You are

Mysterious, ineffable and insatiable.

Tugging, beckoning and demanding.

Hungry and chaotic;

full of vim, vigor and vitality.

You were never meant to sit in chairs for hours and perform on command. You were never meant to doubt and betray your intrinsic needs,

nor conceive of yourself as weak, stupid, ugly, bad… Not even for one second! You were vanquished to the dark Shadowlands of my soul with nary a light or a comforting voice to accompany you.

In spite of your oppression, other parts of me have remained nurtured and flourished. I found ways to preserve my soul’s unsuppressable gifts.

I Am learning to say no and to protect my resources.

I have been reclaiming my forced-forgotten treasures within.

I Am beginning to dance, sing, create, explore, play, love for me!

But, something is missing…You.

I need YOU, my innocence, my impulsivity, my vulnerability, my tenacity. I need my wholeness, my fullness.

I invite you to come out of your exile, now.

I Am ready to hold you tenderly and to heal your untended wounds.

I now know how to soothe, comfort, reassure, empathize,

and I want to give this love to you.

I have so many affirming words to give you, and endless holding and support. I can now prioritize and protect you.

Sweet, precious Inner Child

You are my sunrise.

Exhilarating, dramatic and revitalizing.

You are my dandelion growing from the sidewalk’s crack.

Determined, resilient, beautiful,

and full of wishes to spread.

You are my adventurous explorer,

my contagious laughter,

my bountiful sunshine,

my little raincloud.

You are my perfection of unpredictable creative chaos.

You are my wildness, in which I find true freedom.

You are my pure dark night.

I can retreat and hide in your infinite resources

of gentleness, hope and magical regenerative promises.

You are my everything.

I Am joyful to embrace you completely now!

I Love ME!


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Please personalize it with your own words and beautiful heart-resonant energy.


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Blessings, Lisa

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