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Rebirth Through Crisis

When something catastrophic happens

our connection to our soul cracks open.

Within the experience of breaking,

we shatter our previous constructs.

Pained and confused we often mistaken our grief

as an indication that we have lost something essential

instead of understanding the initiation to reorganize anew.

Disarmed and emptied,

we can see beyond the believed dream

and perceive pure potentiality

amidst the chaos.

While it is true that we will never be the same,

our Spirit invites us

to seek the treasures

within the inner shards,

fragmented pieces

and the pain points.

As we examine the pieces and manifest de novo,

we begin to intuitively assemble new possibilities through reality shifting epiphanies.

If we can only value what we previously revered,

we will miss the treasures waiting to be honored and explored,

only to be discovered when we are broken open and fall apart.


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