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Reaffirming My Awakening Journey

Awakening means we are ready to transcend patterns we have overstayed due to comfort and fear.

We are ready to leave the homes we built from our karmic baggage.

We begin to confront how our (dis)comfort is no longer working for us,

and we get to the point where we can no longer play our role in old familiar dynamics.

We often will experience extreme self-doubt, sticky issues webbing us to old dynamics,

and guilt that “we are leaving others behind” which will pull at our human heart strings.

It is uncommon to receive encouragement and support

because others realize that we cannot return to who they previously knew us to be.

Spiritual Personal Transformation is a conscious, willful death,

with the unknown awaiting us as we elect to trust new patterns and ways of being.

Even when we have others to midwife us, to receive us and celebrate our Awakening,

we are required to journey alone,

trusting only ourselves, our soulful truths and our Spirit guiding us ahead.

We must create our new territory from within.

Even as we awaken, we are wise to expect that we will continue to feel the webbing

of unresolved karmic issues that will yo-yo us internally and externally

until we learn to release and transmute those dynamics as well.

Trusting My Awakening Journey, I reaffirm for myself:

I choose to follow the guidance

of my Higher Self and Sacred Heart.

I release explaining and convincing others

to understand what I understand.

I know that our Higher Selves are guiding

our lessons in our highest and greatest good.

I completely release my ego,

as I know that there are no levels,

no better or higher than another.

I emanate Love

as I know that everyone, including me,

is exactly where we need to be

for our Awakening Journey,

however we experience that journey.

I AM here to awaken,

to transcend limiting patterns and beliefs

and to transmute my miscreations

back to my pure pranic, kundalini energy,

the best I know how.

I own my confidence in my newfound wings

to explore my new territory of where I AM.

I allow myself to learn

how to release my attachments

and enjoy the ride.

I pray for our true freedom,

individually and collectively.

I pray that we may all trust

the illuminating truth of our path

of Love and Awakening,

and know only Love

as the nectar for our journey.

And so it is.



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I hope this prayer is a blessing for you.

Please personalize it with your own words and beautiful heart-resonant energy.


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Blessings, Lisa

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