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Prayer to Connect with Sacred Feminine Rage

Today I resurrect my wonder woman.

Today I say her name,

She who embodies her sacred feminine rage.

She who says no more!

She, whose body is planted in grounded warrior pose,

right arm pulled back, arrow confidently in hand,

with a clear focused gaze, steadfastly staring down injustice and wrongdoing.

Knowing truth, She who delivers the release of power,

precisely reaching her mark.

She who knows that when truth is seen and spoken:

it cannot be unknown.


right NOW,

I resurrect and embody my primal holy female Love Warrior within.

I feel her surge within my awakened, primordial Shakti energy.

She creates life.

She nurtures life.

She fiercely protects all life,

as She knows the pureness of Love as a constant birther of life.

Today I reclaim that which I misguidedly buried in attempts to hide my power,

to play small so that others would not feel intimidated by my greatness.

Today I RISE!

Showing up in power,

because of Love,

not only to protect the preciousness of my birthed creations,

but showing up for Myself

as the goddess who shall fiercely protect Myself, for Myself, and for all life that I Love.

Today I say MY name.

Standing in my wonder woman’s pose,

unwaveringly admiring the amazing warrior staring back in my reflection.

I smile at my don’t-fuck-with-me smirk,

my keenly discerning gaze,

my strong body,

and all my beautiful imperfections as the clever disguise for my goddessness on earth.

I AM the Goddess of Love in form.

I AM the ferocious beauty of sacred feminine rage.

I AM truth lived, truth told, truth evolved.

I AM unapologetic shakti power protecting Love, life and creation.

I AM Self-Love: renewed and restored.


Along with my name, I say the names of








Mary Magdalene

Joan of Arc

Mother Gaia


Awakened and connected

to the Heart of the Universe,

WE WILL change this world!


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I hope this prayer is a blessing for you.

Please personalize it with your own words and beautiful heart-resonant energy.


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Thank you!


Blessings, Lisa

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