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Prayer to Accept Divine Intervention

O Blessed Mother Mary

Thank You for Your ever present nurturing Motherly love.

You have cradled and cared for me through my coldest and darkest nights.

Now, I call to you as I am in another dark hour,

I am overwhelmed by so many complex feelings

of grief, confusion, anger, fear, and such deep sadness.

I recognize a part of my devastation is that long ago

I abandoned myself,

to be everything for everyone else.

And now, as I feel the crumbling of these structures and roles I

constructed, I pray that I may recover ME from deep under the rubble.

For ME.

I submit to You as the raw sprawl of chaos I Am.

I deliver myself at Your feet,

to be wrapped and bundled by You.

May I hear Your hallowed lullaby

reminding me of my divine worth, truth and beauty

as You swaddle me and comfort me so lovingly.

Please teach me to receive Your love;

and by doing so to receive

MY own love

and my own resources for my survival, my perseverance,

and my thriving as my own beloved.

Please teach me how to navigate this transformational invitation by loving me first.

Please teach me to follow in Your footsteps of

truthful strength,

holy conviction,

and unshakable faith,

until I walk in the virtue of

My own invincible spirit,

My authentic truth,

My holy conviction,

And in the fullness of My Divine Promise.

Thank you!



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Blessings, Lisa

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