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Prayer for Transformation Through My Persecution

Sometimes a hardship beyond one’s control is experienced as an imprisonment or punishment, forcing one to stay in a state of suffering. Even in this situation, you have the soul choice to transcend human suffering through previously unimaginable unconditional love and forgiveness.


Broken down by your incessant drive to persecute me,

my confusion and despair increase.

I do not want to hurt you or others, so I hold back my anger.

My attempts to defend myself get exploited

as you keep assessing my vulnerability and find new ways to hit your

target. I know that I do not deserve this cruelty,

but why then am I forsaken?

I know that others in authority will not see this abuse

and that my damnation will only deepen.

Your strikes do cause me pain and fear,

and bring me closer to feeling small, broken, fearful, worthless, diminished.

The roles of persecutor and persecuted,

abuser and victim,

the justified and the punished

are so deeply entrenched in our collective unconscious and societal structures that it is hard to believe that I can do anything

more than simply survive this experience.

And yet,

as I walk my spiritual path in the footsteps

of Ascended Masters, including Jesus, I ask:

how do I bear this cross and

deliver myself to the resurrected state of transcendence?

And so, I pray:

I pray for my personal strength to endure this persecution

while strengthening my faith and beliefs in greater Love and

purpose emerging through my human experiences.

As I walk through the valley of darkness,

may I find frequent retreats

where I can curl up in the lap of lovingkindness

and feel held by Mother Mary’s wide, soul-comforting embrace.

May this experience alone heal my soul in countless ways,

helping me know that I am always worthy of restorative Divine

Love. Through my surrender, I completely allow myself to fully

receive bountiful Divine Love.

As I submit to peaceful non-resistance,

may I deepen my ability to look at my brothers and sisters

with greater compassion.

As I experience their projected suffering,

may I resist personalizing their actions and

may I find my Way to pray for their deliverance.

“Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

May I come to truly understand what it means to turn the other

cheek, not through martyrdom,

but in true resilient loving compassion.

Dear God,

help me learn a deeper compassion and forgiveness,

allowing me to pray for the solace and end of suffering

within the soul of my persecutors.

May my love become more resilient and persistent when I witness their resistance.

May I submit to this experience as a great purification

so that I may become the melted gold

ready to be reshaped by my I Am Presence’s vision for me.

As Jesus has shown me the Way:

“Father into your hands, I entrust my Spirit”.

May I transfigure my suffering into complete and pure trust in

God to deliver me through my humanness to my spiritual


May I come to see the holy gift

within this suffering

as I embody more of my own Christ Consciousness

of greater self- and other-love and forgiveness.



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Blessings, Lisa

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