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Prayer for My Willingness to Receive Divine Love and Healing, Exactly as I Am

I AM always worthy

of Divine Love and intervention.

No matter how soiled, battered, neglected

my soul and psyche feel,

Divine Love invoked is Divine Love delivered.

I AM rising

beyond my limiting beliefs

and dented human ego: I receive.

I AM worthy of miracles,

right now, exactly as I AM.

I dare to allow myself

to be divinely loved,

exactly as I AM.

I AM worthy of being poured into,

and uplifted

with nothing else required

besides my willingness,

exactly as I AM.

Now, I receive!

I AM worthy!

I open myself to drink in

the generous love and light,

restoring me

to my innocence and holiness.

I AM that I AM.

Pure and holy.

Loved and worthy.

Beloved, thank You for healing

my wounded human consciousness

and uplifting me

to my original state of grace.



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I hope this prayer is a blessing for you.

Please personalize it with your own words and beautiful heart-resonant energy.


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Blessings, Lisa

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