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Ohhh, Hell, No!

Surrounded by the density,

I allow myself to sink.

Deep into the dark

I descend.

Shrouded by the dead

energies of doubt, depletion

fear, anger, depression

I am lost to myself.

In my denial of light,

shadows merge

and I and the pain

become one.

I sacrifice myself to the dark

facilitating my deprivation

of light and love.

Lower energies begin to feast

accelerating my disintegration….

Adrift the shadowlands, I forget who I AM.




From deep within,

my Higher Self and my tender heart

still blaze,

beckoning my will

to illuminate

and orchestrate

my ascension and

my rightful resurrection!

I call upon the energies of Inanna, Isis and Jesus,

to engage my Sacred Phoenix,

my Christed-Self.

With my sword,

cast by Kali-Ma,

my light slices through my constraints.

With my shield,

consecrated by Joan of Arc,

I forge my path to the surface

ushering me back to the light.

Once again free and bathing in Love’s generous resources,

I remember my one and only truth:

I AM that I AM.

Free and Holy

Loved and Worthy.

And so it is.


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Blessings, Lisa

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