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My Inner Sanctum

I often get confused as I relax into a lesson-learned.

Inevitably, I get triggered again,

confronted with more miscreations and more to heal.


I remember

I Am here to be vulnerable, imperfect, and to struggle

for it is through being lost,

that I AM found.

Born into this world innocent, holy and pure

I masterfully create all that I Am here to heal.

I downloaded it all!

My miscreations, my pain, my fears from beyond this lifetime.

I have conjured difficult relationships that would have me betray my

strengths to once again be embroiled in victim and invisibility patterns.

I have manifested you as my nemesis, yet in truth you are my reflection, my friend, my teacher. You are exactly as you need to be and exactly as I need you to be for my learning.

In my blessed pain and confusion,

I retreat to my inner sanctum.

With lovingkindness and resilient self compassion,

I meet my inner voices of self criticism, self condemnation: my inner prophet of an impending doomsday.


I sit in the holiness

of my hurt, fear, loneliness, aloneness.

In the company of stillness and no thing,

Here I find my greatest resources of Love, Grace and Self Truth.

Alone with myself, with no one to critique or approve of me,

I soften with self-compassion and tender acceptance.

Eventually, I meet my creator,

my Goddess Within,

my Higher Self.

As I birth her, she births me.

The only way I can truly become

who I AM destined to be in this realm

is through the Holy act of my repeated self-creation.


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I hope this prayer is a blessing for you.

Please personalize it with your own words and beautiful heart-resonant energy.


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Blessings, Lisa

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