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Loving the Divine Masculine Back in to Wholeness

With Isis, who resurrected Osiris and returned him to wholeness, as our guide:

May we begin with our sons, our boys,

may we foster and protect

the sacredness of their authentic spirits.

May we protect their sweet hearts:

full of tenderness, vulnerability,

Inquisitiveness and exploration.

May we celebrate their magic,

their desire to create,

their drive to connect and nurture.

May we fend back forces

that seek to subjugate and control

their pure physical drive and

their transformative emotional essence.

May we protect their tears

and guide them to trust their desires

to collaborate

instead of to compete and destroy.

May we empower them

to always insist upon consent

and to trust their worth

to enter intimate sacred palaces of Love and vulnerability.

May we continue with our partners, our brothers, our men.

May we revolt against the toxic conditioning

which has enslaved them through

internalized aggression, hyper-sexualization and self-betraying egos.

May we stop the practice of condoning and sacrificing them through acts of war.

May we lovingly hold them accountable for their transgressions,

insisting they honor their hearts and ours.

May we challenge them to regain their confidence

in their sensuality and powerful Tantric tenderness.

May we challenge them to explore

their dreams, sacred desires, soul missions

and to step out of

the blue collar and white collar factories

meant to capitalize on their energetic gifts.

May we challenge them

to hold, nurture and protect our children’s tender innocence,

surrendering their hearts completely

into the healing graces of bonded love.

May we ask them to lead

in acts of forgiveness and retribution

so that transgressions may become opportunities for common growth.

May they radically

rewrite and reclaim their emotions and vulnerability

as power and not weakness.

May they regain their sacred place

in co-leading whole families and whole societies.

May we stop the toxic exploitation of our precious men, especially our men of color.

Responsible within, I also heal my inner masculine energy.

May I own where I exploit power and aggress.

May I make reparations to amend my miscreations.

May I recognize that whenever I point my finger towards another,

that I must reconcile with my own fingers pointing back at me.

May I become a stewart of action and responsibility to be the change I want to see.

AND, may our men, by their own volition,

engage their own Sacred Phoenix

to heal their Inner Child and their Sacred Heart!

May we co-create through our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy

to re-create the world as protective and respectful

for all beings to reach their Divine Potential!

And, may it be so!


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I hope this prayer is a blessing for you.

Please personalize it with your own words and beautiful heart-resonant energy.


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Blessings, Lisa

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