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I Love You So Much That I Support Your Struggle

I Am learning to not fall in the water with you

when I perceive you struggling.

I Am learning to keep my feet planted firmly in the soil on the shore.

I Am learning to use my voice and my truth

to be as the outreached branch,

encouraging you to take hold

by your own volition.

I Am learning to not give in to

my fear

that you may drown and

that I did not do enough to save you.

I believe in you and

that God is always acting through you.

I am confident of your incredible

strength, abilities,

and all the growth opportunities before you

as I encourage you to

believe in yourself and show up for yourself.

I do not know what you may learn,

and where your path will take you,

but I love you so much that

I want you to find yourself

through and beyond your struggle

so you will believe in your greatness

as you become who you are destined to be.

And so may it be.


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I hope this prayer is a blessing for you.

Please personalize it with your own words and beautiful heart-resonant energy.


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Blessings, Lisa

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