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I Love My Body

I stand before the mirror, naked.

Inviting myself

to be vulnerable

and absolutely present.

I steady my eyes,

while observing

where I want to focus,

and where I want to escape.

I observe my thoughts,

where I want to condemn…

where I get anxious.

I stay with myself,

allowing my gaze and my thoughts to

~ soften ~

I breathe into lovingkindness,

watching my breath fill my belly,

watching my body tone relax

as I release.

I allow lovingkindness

to guide my eyes,

my thoughts and

my words.

May I view my body

with kindness

and through the eyes of love.

May I see the beauty

in my scars, wrinkles, love-handles.

May I see my body

as the miracle


May I release to celebrate

my symphony of cells within,

magnificently orchestrating

my bountiful human vessel

for my soul’s earthly journey.

May I see all my wounds and illnesses

as calls for help

from my often neglected beleaguered self

seeking to navigate

the challenges I have experienced.

May I release all fear,

guilt, worry, judgment:

so that I may embrace

only thoughts, beliefs and feelings

which are filled with my love and desire

for my optimal health and wellness.

May I see myself with such love

and pure adoration

that I Am filled

with generous resolve to love

and care for myself

as my greatest beloved.

May I feel complete

and easy love for myself,

as I Am,

in this moment.

{deep exhale}

Through my gentle gaze

and my tender touch,

I hug myself.

I bow and I smile.

I AM so grateful for my beautiful body.

I AM so grateful for my journey and my life.

I AM so grateful for Me!


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Please personalize it with your own words and beautiful heart-resonant energy.


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Blessings, Lisa

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