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I Listen to Understand as I Seek to be Understood

At times, we feel called to respond rather than to hold space.

May we learn to do this through heart-centeredness.

May our wholehearted intentions open space

which respects our perceived differences and creates sacred possibility

for true understanding and mutually beneficial collaborations.

In the face of conflict and differing opinions,

may I step forward as a leader in mutuality, integrity, respect and kindness.

May I be present in heart-centered attention

so that I may listen to understand and respond instead of react.

May I stay attuned to my own internal triggers,

breathing in the resources of my self-lovingkindness and My Higher Self.

May I stay in self awareness

of my own ego’s impulses to react through patterns and roles that no longer serve me.

May I first ask questions

so that I may better understand the needs and concerns of others.

May I stand strong, yet soft in my personal truth,

sharing so that I may be understood and respected.

May I have the wisdom

to know and present my perspective as my personal narrative, my personal story.

May I remember that others are in the ocean of their own humanity.

May I not personalize their responses, projections, confusion, demands and attributions.

May I have the clarity

to request for my simple yet foundational needs to be met.

May I hold prayer,

asking for and opening to God’s will and timing,

which most likely does not meet my ego’s expectations.

May I hold laughter and positive regard for all, in this moment of learning.

May I speak understanding of the essence of each of our concerns.

I express my prayer and hope that our essential needs to be honored and met through God’s Grace.

Beloved Great Spirit,

May I be a steward of Your Peace and Equanimity.

May I stay centered in My Sacred Heart.

May I be a way-shower of a New Way of collaboration, mutuality and healing our Oneness.

I Am Holy.

As I believe,




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Blessings, Lisa

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