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I Emanate Christ Consciousness Love

I breathe into my heart, absorbing illumination from My I AM Presence.

I completely fill my heart from the very Source of Divine Love.

I expand my breath, amplifying my increasing bliss.

I conjure and flow pure Gratitude

and I pray to be an open channel

for peace,

for love,

for healing.

I call upon Jesus

and I feel His loving presence

before me, around me.

I breathe in the Love

~ ~ HE has for ME ~ ~

and my heart opens exponentially

to experience the rhapsody

of His Love.

His Love is now inside of me.

I smile with tears in my eyes:

I Am worthy of this Love!

I Am the capacity to receive this Love!

I AM this Love.

I have broken my barriers of unworthiness

and I now experience the capacity of

MY love

to joyfully give back to my beloved brother.

I breathe out from my heart

and I return My Source Love

back to Jesus…

I stay in the flow of Oneness,

giving and receiving pure Love.

I continue breathing this blissful breath:

Breathing in, I receive Divine Love,

Holding my in-breath, I absorb Divine Love,

Returning my breath, I expand Divine Love,

Holding my out-breath, I project Divine Love.

I experience

blissful concert

and pranic synergy

with Jesus~

and all of Creation!

I bathe myself and my home in this Love!

I bathe my beloved family in this Love!

I bathe all beings in this Love!

I bathe Mother Gaia in this Love!

I bathe God and all creation in this Love.

Blissful, I AM.

Grateful, I AM.



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I hope this prayer is a blessing for you.

Please personalize it with your own words and beautiful heart-resonant energy.


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Blessings, Lisa

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