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I Am Ready to Transform

From an intrinsic inner calling,

I know it is time

to dissolve into a promise

of my next evolution

of who I AM destined to become.

Just as the caterpillar transfigures

into the butterfly,

I release

into the innate knowing

that who I Am now

is only one of countless permutations

of who I AM,

And from the essence of my free will,

who I now choose to be.


please grant me the bravery

to self isolate.

So that I may pull back

from all the roles that I play

and all the expectations others hold of me.

So that I may retreat

into the form of a protective chrysalis.

Grant me the self confidence

to be my own sacred container

as I dissolve previous foundational beliefs and patterns

and surrender myself back into

the pure matter of all potentiality.

Embolden me with my sovereign wisdom,

so that I may create

impenetrable protective boundaries

to resist the attachments and attempts

from others to keep me

in the patterns that give them the most comfort.

Grant me humility and patience

as I allow my creativity to rise,

as I try on new forms and ideas

more authentic and true

to my beautiful Sacred Heart as I AM now.

Strengthen my resilience and self conviction

as I transform setbacks into surrender

and trust in my own exquisite process

to self define.

I AM allowing myself to embody

my divine and beautiful potential

in my full glorious form

and to see myself

through Your unconditionally loving, adoring conception for me.

When I feel my clarity of who I AM,

grant me the confidence

to take flight with my new-found wings

to be free and glorious

and to instinctually evade predators,

while feeding on the sweet nectar abundantly available all around me.

Beloved, grant me the wisdom

to know that I can create

and re-create myself again and again,

following the guidance

of My Higher Self

who brings me to new heights as my consciousness expands again and again.

And so it is.


Conceived and created

from bountiful Divine Love,

My creative expansion knows no limits!


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Please personalize it with your own words and beautiful heart-resonant energy.


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Blessings, Lisa

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