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I Am Learning to Lovingly Detach

I release all expectations and attachments

to my preconceived beliefs about probable outcomes.

I stay in the truth of my immediate experience,

and release all of my expectations/interpretations of what others may think.

I know I Am provided for in this earth realm from my first breath until my last.

God is in charge, not me.

I breathe into trusting the universal plan.

I stay in my own lane.

I submit to God’s will,

while staying focused on my internal process

of radical, loving self-transformation.

For this is my sacred promise

since the conception of my human soul:

I will create

true harmony, love, forgiveness, and peace

from within

and for me:

to then pour purely

into the collective cups of our shared humanity.

From our perceived individual to our collective transcendence,

So It Is!



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I hope this prayer is a blessing for you.

Please personalize it with your own words and beautiful heart-resonant energy.


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Blessings, Lisa

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