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I AM Here, Walking You Home

You are beginning to travel now to the realm of the Ancestors.

How can such a huge transition look so still?

Your body is so tired.

I cannot yet fathom the ways I already miss you.

There are the memories that are already yesterday's domain.

We lived those together, vibrantly.

Our time was full of kindness, love and presence:

often not perfect,

and other times defying the laws of too much perfection in one place.

Now our days are marked by our gentle acts of still caring for you,

waiting with you,

tending to your body as you slowly leave it.

You often wander, look about, aimless and elsewhere.

I miss connecting with you in your vibrancy,

yet I try my best to shift to be with you in these spaces of suspended time.

I remind myself that Eternal Love is my truth

as we together forge the sacred holiness in holding space for your passage.

As you travel in and out of your transitory consciousness,

I allow my tears to come and I hold you as you no longer can hold me.

I know this is a holy time,

but I also feel a profound loneliness in this dawning of disconnection.

We are moving so fast as life here still calls us while you are moving so slow.

Or maybe you are moving at lightning speed between the realms,

preparing the Way that we cannot see, nor conceive,

for it is not our time,

but yours,


We are here,

walking each other home.

Only you go now, before us.

Ancestors and Angels,

Thank you.

In my heart I know you are holding space for all of us,

lighting our Way

through this dark and sacred hour.


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Blessings, Lisa

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