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I Am an Elemental Tsunami of Creative Magic!

My self critic often immobilizes me during times of inspiration and change. From within, I cast doubt onto my creative ideas and reprimand myself to stay in my lane, to get back to productive work, and to not waste my time on silly dreams.

No more!

I wrap my arms around myself, and affirm:

Sweetheart, you have a right

(nay…the duty!)

to dream and to take up space.

Who are you to deny the creative energy inside of you,

that can birth beautiful destinies,

and new universes into being?

Stand up!

Shake off the part of you

who learned to comply, to shrink, to abandon yourself;

who learned to conceal your whimsical creator

in order to earn gold stars for your compliance.

Stand up!

Reclaim your inner dreamer

who rapturously

plays, sings and dances imagination into reality.

Stand up!

You are elemental magic.

Remember your childhood fearlessness.

You would attempt and fail stunningly

and cry and laugh

and persevere to “go for it” again and again.

Stand up!

Resurrect your inner goddess!

Sing your glorious music and project your visions into the heavens!

You can embody anything and everything you conceive.

Commanding alchemy,

You know how to enchant fantastical new worlds into being,

engaging life itself to co-conspire with your dreams.

Sweetheart, it is not about mastery

and it is not about seeking and getting anyone’s approval;

it is about playing, creating, loving, being!

Dream your dream into being!

Allow your precious, healed, playful Inner Child to lead The Way.

And so it is!


You can find this prayer in this book, available for purchase:


I hope this prayer is a blessing for you.

Please personalize it with your own words and beautiful heart-resonant energy.


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Thank you!


Blessings, Lisa

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