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Holding Space with Unconditional Love

Spirit is speaking at all times through all things.

Each and every experience and/or feeling is a holy invitation

to be present in the resonance of Unconditional Love

and sacred communion within our Oneness.

I Am with you,

staying present with all feelings,

no matter how welcome or uncomfortable.

My heart-felt openness

softens me to surrender.

Our shared vulnerability provides a sacred doorway

into the healing heart space of Unconditional Love.

As I stay in self-compassion and acceptance of my own feelings and reactions,

I also stay in compassion and acceptance of yours.

Through my breathing and heart coherence*,

I release my ego’s impulse to control

and I stay open

to be here

with what is,

free of agenda.

Completely, I open my heart.

I affirm My Spirit.

I affirm Your Spirit.

I affirm Great Spirit.

Willfully, I give myself to be the conduit

of Unconditional Love’s sacred presence

in this very moment.

My eyes are tender and connected.

My ears are attuned and receptive.

Listening to understand,

I emanate complete acceptance through my open heart.

I honor you exactly where you are.

I hold the resonance of Love

staying present unconditionally.

My mind follows the instantaneous peaceful guidance of my Higher Self.

Honoring your feelings and mine, I offer no advice or opinions.

Reverently, I hold space, for you, us and this situation.

My simple actions show mutual regard and lovingkindness for all involved.

I stay in this space until we both surrender to kindness’s grace.

May God’s Grace flow through us as God wills.

And So It Is.

And So I Am.


(To learn more about heart coherence, visit

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Blessings, Lisa

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