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Healing My Issues with Men

I acknowledge my distrust for men

that I have inherited through unhealed family beliefs

and perpetuated through my own experiences and beliefs.

I seek to own and release my pattern

to shrink, to judge and to prove injustices

by maintaining a helpless victim role.

I thought I was a strong woman who didn’t need men.

I can now see my part of rigid fear and unforgiveness,

excuses and lack of healthy expectations,

and repetitive hurtful dances of unfulfillment.


I challenge and release the generational distortions which have allowed toxic masculinity to go unchecked.

I speak truth to the patterns and traumas of the past and the present.

I open my heart, and pray for others to open theirs, to a new and better Way.

I call out the overt injustices and violations.

I shine a light into the shadows of covert suppression, oppression and microaggressions.

I speak of this because of love for myself, my past and future family and our unlived potential.

I steadfastly hold the dream for our mutual healing.

I acknowledge my traumas,

I allow raw expression of my feelings, and needs for my healing.

I activate a healing team for myself, in my inner sanctum and surrounding me.

I learn to trust what healthy relationships look like and feel like.

I breathe into my worthiness and responsibility to now set the tone

for how I Am treated,

by myself and by all others.

I willfully and completely release the spell of trauma

which keep me broken, small and a victim.

I willfully replace my hurt and pain

with abundant self-compassion and self-love.

I willfully replace my fear

with a deep trust of the Divine Masculine’s yearning to birth a new legacy.

I willfully replace my judgment

with forgiveness of myself, others and our miscreated patterns.

I willfully replace my complacence/victimhood

with speaking my truth and standing in my power.

I willfully replace my condemnations

by speaking respectful expectations into my relationships.

I willfully replace my broken narrative

with an unfolding healed narrative of mutual tenderness, authentic vulnerability,

brave truths, radical responsibility, and generous love.

Herein, I step boldly and confidently into my power, my convictions, my love, the healed patterns.

I now give my forgiveness

that I withheld from the men in my life,

forgiving them

when they did not know better.

I now give my love,

always expecting respect, kindness and love

to be mutually nurtured and sustained.

I loving challenge all my relations

to join me in integrity and reconciliation,

accepting nothing less than the beauty of our potential.

I release now my boundless reserves

of love and security,

for myself

so I can now give myself in full!

I am the unstoppable force of creative change.

I AM Woman Divine.

I AM the essence and purity

of evolving transformative love.

I AM the divine song freed from my soul.

I joyously Hum in the resonant vibrations

of the reign of Divine Love Actualized.


and so it is!


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Blessings, Lisa

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