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Healing My Health Concerns

I Decree:

I AM a miraculous orchestration of energy appearing as matter.

I AM trust and faith in action knowing all power is mine.

I AM Karuna Compassion for myself

and for my precious cells beckoning my loving attention.

For my self healing,

I breathe into being present,

while releasing fear.

I observe any pain and discordance within my body.

I Am with what is, without projecting fear.

I ground myself in my core belief that

All that I experience inside and outside me

is a reflection of me.

I know that nothing that is of me can harm me.

Through my body’s expressions,

I Am witnessing what I have created consciously and subconsciously

from my infinite experiences.

I release my ego’s guilt, judgment and fear beliefs;

simultaneously I soften and breathe into my loving self-intentions.

I center myself in acceptance and power

as the sovereign creator of my own experience

in this precious life moment.

Generous with myself,

I call in all of the Angelic Beings and Guides

who love me unconditionally:

Bless me so that I may receive exactly what I need in my highest and best interest!

I decree:

I AM powerful (beyond what I was taught).

I AM a beautiful lighthouse of love.

My radiant love-light flows from my God-Self.

I bask myself and my cells in radiant LovingKindness.

Beyond any doubt,

I Am worthy of perfect health, well-being, peace and joy.

As I allow myself to embody this truth,

I invoke healing energy within my areas of concern.

I command any energy resonating other than

as God conceived for me

be released to the heavens

to be transmitted back into

Christ Consciousness

patterns of perfection and purity.

Hands over my heart,

I center my focus on my heart

and I attune to this miraculous resonance within,

holding and magnify this healing

within the holiest chamber of my sacred heart.

I proclaim:

With every breath,

I amplify this alchemic transmission

until my healing is complete.

I know my path is blessed by miracles!

I surrender to the miracles,

opening all of my senses and my heart

to witness the blessings flowing into my life,

Right Now.

Clear in my resolve

to transmute my revealed miscreations,

I promise to prioritize myself,

and through self-dedication

to engage in the healthy behaviors and rituals

which honor my needs to thrive and flow.

Thank You!

All is well.

And So It Is!

And So I AM!

I AM Love!

I AM Loved!


I hope this prayer is a blessing for you.

Please personalize it with your own words and beautiful heart-resonant energy.


If this prayer has touched your heart, and you would like to support my work, 

you can make a donation of your choosing through PayPal or Patreon

Thank you!


Blessings, Lisa

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