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Healing From Grief

Last night I dreamt of you

and remembered losing you all over again.

I relived the heart-wrenching realization that

you are gone from my life

and that I have no other choice

but to grieve you and bury you.

How could it be true that you are really gone?

And yet, in the morning’s light and routines,

I eerily find the dream fading away.

As if I Am suspended between realities,

I Am not sure what to allow…

Let you disappear all over again

with the charge of the day?

Or crawl back into the distorted dreamscape

and the awful grief?

I know I Am still searching for you…

Where do you reside now?

And how do I help my forlorn self

who is perpetually suspended

in this terrible nightmare?

I allow.

The tears.

The shock of the suspended unreality.

The anger that I feel so utterly alone.

The guilt that there was so much more

I could have done and did not.

The pain of the profound loss,

like a giant sinkhole

threatening to swallow everything into nothingness.

I allow the grief because it declares

all over again

how much I love you!

I allow the grief because it affirms

that my heart is working

and I know that all this pain reveals

the capacity of my deep vulnerability

and immense feelings.

And, I choose this.

I choose all this feeling.

All of this pulverization and reforming.

I know my heart is reconstructing itself

and growing it’s wisdom and softness.

As I choose to stay vulnerable,

I Am allowing my heart to lead the Way

to transform me beyond my ego's drive to control and survive.

I know deep inside my heart

the only way to heal through grief

is to feel,

allow all my feelings,

and to hold myself with gentle, kind self-compassion.

Again and again and again.

I lovingly allow and choose my messy grief.

I embrace my love and my pain.

I AM the embodiment of

self-compassion and self-love.

As I resurrect my beautiful heart,

for me,

I widen and deepen my capacity

to give and receive love.

I AM becoming a more loving beautiful version

of myself

through every tear and smile.

Thank you grief.



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Blessings, Lisa

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