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Growing Through my Caregiver Archetype

Sometimes a crisis challenges us to refine the shadow aspects of our soul’s archetypal gifts to be sure that we are staying true to our own inner soul evolution.


Verse 1: My Gift

I Am a fiercely protective lover, parent, friend, and sometimes even stranger.

My instinct is to walk directly into the fire,

for this is how I love.

I Am a healer.

My dedicated love is powerful.

Here is my archetypal promise:

I will not leave you alone in your pain.

I will hold space,

I will be patient,

I will sing to you,

I will comfort you.

I will infuse my caregiving with love.

I will conjure up the essential nutrition needed

to heal your bones, your blood, your tissues, your issues, your heart, your soul,

in every way I can.

I will never give up.

I Am wholeheartedly determined to restore your vitality, your joy, your song.

I will always dedicate myself to loving you and staying present no matter what.

Verse 2: My Shadow Guides My Growth

And this I also know,

from the wisdom of my heart and soul:

I need to find the healing grace in what I cannot control.

Here I am much more humble, for this is harder work.

I resolve:

I will allow others to see and tend to my vulnerability.

Caregivers need care giving.

I will raise my hand and ask for help, and

I will allow big and small acts of love to flow in

through the doors and the cracks.

I release my vise grip on control.

God is in charge, not I.

I trust the Divine Plan that is unfolding,

in everyone’s highest and best interest,

just as it is.

As I surrender to Divine Intervention,

I celebrate the everyday miracles coming our way.

I turn towards the opportunity to take radical responsibility

for my relationship with fear.

I challenge my propensity for worry and

projecting the worst scenario into the future.

I disinvest from my assumed suffering and reveal my vulnerable feelings:

I am scared, angry, and I fear loss.

When I yield my anxiety,

I begin to allow Love in.

Bravely, I ask Mortality to become my teacher.

In my surrender to your sage invitation into the unknown,

may I witness my joy and gratitude as

every day gifts

become evermore dear.

Verse 3: I Relinquish Control

While I will do my best to heal you, when the time comes I will challenge you,

as I will need to challenge myself.

While I live to pour in love,

I know that your true healing and strength

comes from you claiming and activating your own healing path.

I will love you all the more

as I step back to watch you navigate

your pain, your recovery, your vitality, your passion.

I promise to mindfully practice our mutual independence.

Gifting you back your responsibility for your healing path,

I will care for myself so that I may remain present

to celebrate the precious gift of our vulnerable human journeys.

I will deepen my faith as I relinquish

your free will and destiny

back to you and God.

And So It Is.

And So I AM.



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Blessings, Lisa

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