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Complete Healing

Through my physical “symptoms”,

my precious Self is requesting my attention

for rebalancing and intentional healing.

I center and calm myself completely with practices of lovingkindness:

I experience myself being held by Heavenly maternal love in the form of Quan Yin.

When completely serene in Her eternal embrace,

I focus on the area of imbalance in my body.

With Karuna Compassion and curiosity,

I lovingly approach, observe, and inquire

about the inflammation and blockage I Am witnessing.

What is your message?

Why are you appearing in this energy center of my body?

What is your symbolic communication for me?

How have I created/allowed/sustained this blockage within?

What is needed for my healing,

in addition to my unconditional love and self forgiveness?

I Am ready to generously pour into myself

with attention, connection, and dedicated healing

to love myself (w)holy well!

Through my sacred imagination and pure loving intentions,

I mightily direct healing into my energy body!

I open my power of belief to heal myself intuitively

through my innate magical genius.

I also turn to healers who can help me connect to

and understand the needs of my physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies. I have been provided a community of earthly and Heavenly helpers.

Please open my mind and heart so that I may find and trust you

to co-facilitate miracles with me and my I Am Presence.

I powerfully pray:

I Am Presence and my earthly and Heavenly helpers, please activate the transmutation of energy

that my subconscious mind is now presenting to be healed.

I completely love and forgive myself and all others

associated with this miscreation.

I command any energies now presenting themselves to be healed into St. Germain’s Violet Flame and God’s Most Holy


to be loving returned to patterns of perfection.

Now, beyond my ability to understand or direct:

holy energies facilitate my blessed healing!

I surrender all resistance and doubt, and I receive!

Through my conscious mind, I ask my Higher Self

to help me easily and clearly care for myself,

completing the transmutation of any and all stuck dense

energies back into my flow of perfect chi.

I Am responsible to my new insights

and I will stay true to corrective patterns and choices.

I hold myself and all life as sacred,

and so, I commit to transmute my stuck patterns for the greatest good!

May my healing be multiplied and amplified

so that it may resonate as a healing for

my bloodlines, past lives, multi-dimensional experiences,

and within my connection to our Oneness.

Thank You for the advent of my complete healing!

And so it is!




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I hope this prayer is a blessing for you.

Please personalize it with your own words and beautiful heart-resonant energy.


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Thank you!


Blessings, Lisa

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