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As Thich Nhat Hanh Teaches, I Smile

Into the dark I step,

all is quiet,

I Am alone,

I smile.

I go inward and outward simultaneously

meeting whatever is present,

I smile.

I meet my critical voice,

my expectant thoughts,

my joyful Inner Child,

and I smile.

I stay in the dark

long enough

for the light to crack through,

as it inevitably does

and I smile.

I position myself to feel

the warm sun on my face

and I orient myself

to the Infinite Omnipresent Presence of my Beloved,

I smile.

I go inward and embrace my Inner Child

and I smile.

I tenderly hold her face in my hands

And I smile.

I ask her how she feels,

what would make her happy today,

what does she want?

I listen long enough to hear her answer me completely,

I joyously give to her

and I smile.

Holding my inner child close,

I meet what’s next,



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Blessings, Lisa

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