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About Codependency and Suffering

While staying with feelings of discomfort,

I begin to see my part in patterns of sustaining experiences

of struggle, doubt, anxiety, pain in my codependent relationships.

Now, with increasing clarity, I see the dramas in my life and the codependent roles I play within them: Caregiving to my troubled friend with a constant stream of harrowing crises; coddling my chronically wounded friend who can never receive enough love to believe in my safety and love offered. Too often I have stayed engaged, thinking how horrible it is to leave them alone in their endless suffering. In my attempts to detach, I confront my fear-based belief that if I establish clear boundaries or leave the relationship that I have failed and abandoned an already wounded soul.

Now, daily I commit to detaching from these roles

where I am completing the other half of suffering,

I know now that torment is not truth,

but instead a co-created illusion,

keeping us stuck in the energy of fear and woe.

I will deliver myself to freedom beyond my relationships marked by ongoing strife.

As I leave these relationships I feel my own sense of loss.

I grieve my loss of friendship

as I move away from the role of comforter, rescuer, healer.

Part of me will miss being in that dance of opposites that complete each other’s wounds.

But I can no longer stay in the pain of these stories of brokenness.

I pray that those that I leave will grow from the challenge.

I pray that they will absorb my timeless gift of love,

and that they will find the soul-inspiration

to take on and complete their own journey of transcendence.

In my volitional act of separation, death and re-creation,

I hold my transformational pains in my silent contractions of loneliness and doubt.

While simultaneously, I expand

with bliss, joy, confidence and abundant love

as I birth my new self!

Emerging through my Sacred Phoenix,

I Am in my own metamorphosis

materializing a new version of me,

defined boldly by love,

heart-centered truth,

confidence and conviction.

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha.

May all beings be happy and free.

Starting with me.


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Blessings, Lisa

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