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A Prayer of Gratitude for Family

I Am grateful for the souls who incarnated with me to learn lifelong lessons together.

Who incarnated into the same bloodline, generational gifts and challenges.

Who incarnated to be my greatest mirrors and co-conspirators for our shared evolution.

I pray that I can truly see you

for how you seek to be seen and understood.

I pray for my patience and understanding

when I feel disconnected and misunderstood.

I pray for the courage to acknowledge and share my vulnerabilities and truths.

I pray for my ability to hear, see and nurture your heart

beyond my own narratives of judgment and preconceived ideas of you and us.

I pray to experience being like branches growing on the same tree,

fed by our common roots, our shared resources,

to be grateful for all blossoms

and to be patient during periods of dormancy and discordant growth.

May we find our Way to identify and challenge our detachment

while willfully reconciling our inherited toxic fragmentation.

May we reach for each other

across the abyss of misconception,

eventually delivering ourselves through forgiveness and compassion

to the virginal promise of our loving Ancestor’s dreams.

May we grow together through the wisdom in our differences

and through our dedication to our Unity.

And so may it be.



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I hope this prayer is a blessing for you.

Please personalize it with your own words and beautiful heart-resonant energy.


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Blessings, Lisa

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