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A Prayer of Fierce and Tender Love for our Crystal Child Angels

May we allow ourselves

to see once again through our hearts.

May we let go of eons of conditioning

and remember that

God never makes mistakes.

Our children

who perceive and respond

to the world differently

than us old souls


pure souls

leading an evolution

of a different Way.

Our beautiful children

do not have problems to be solved,

and should not be taught to behave

nor to tolerate whatever

is bringing pain and discord.

They cannot help but respond

to the discordance around them

and sound the alarm

in their own self-preservation.

Their refusal, their tears, their “hyperactivity”

is their inherent leadership

to challenge the world

to vibrate and resonate

at a different frequency.

May we not seek to “teach” them,

because this may break them.


may we seek to understand

their sensitivities

and how,

if we

shift into a gentler, kinder mode,

we will find

a simpler, centered, more loving Way

to navigate living

in responsiveness and concert with each other.

May we grow ever more sensitive

and remember our own sensitivities.

May we remember to

listen and respond

to ourselves and each other

long before we need to cry out in

pain and refusal and breaking down.

May we individually and collectively

wake up

and reject the norms

that imprison us

in compliance and complicity.

May we become

rebels and leaders

by our own accord

as we pave The Way

to protect and align ourselves with

the purity and beauty

of our most sensitive.

For our perfect crystal angel children.


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Blessings, Lisa

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