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A Blessed Awareness for Myself and My Loved One in Hospice

My Divine Heavenly Helpers,

I call upon You

as I sit beside my loved one

wondering if they might be approaching

their final breath here on earth.

I feel the grace of sitting with them,

as something deep inside wells large

knowing this is a holy moment.

My heart feels so big,

and in this sacred moment

the feelings that flash feel like

I Am present in a twilight of shifting light

and I Am being enveloped

into the beauty of other ways

of seeing and knowing.

It’s funny, I thought I might be terrified

and overwrought with my sorrow,

which still lingers within me,

awaiting to walk me through the land of grief.

However, when I Am still,

so much gratitude and love fills the room

as I simply desire to hold my loved one

completely in my arms.

How do I scoop you up

so that I can hold you completely in my arms?

They say the heart also holds a womb,

an infinite womb, holding all of the possibilities

and variations of love's creative expression.

I want to scoop you up

and bring you into my HeartWomb

and dance with you there.

In this place there is no fear, no pain,

just pure love and gratitude.

This is where I Am with you!

Others look and they see me holding your hand.

Or, might they see

that I Am holding you

as you hold me

in the symphony of Love’s creation?

In this love space, I experience peace.

This is how I Am present with you.

Tears stream from my eyes as I cry and smile.

I thank our souls

for giving us this gift of this one last dance

on this earthly plane.

I do not fear the time

when your spirit takes flight.

I witness and celebrate

your ascent and your freedom.

When you shed your earthly vessel,

you will leave it behind,

no longer animated,

and we will remember how to give you back

to your God Self and Mother Gaia.

We will turn to our rituals and mourning,

and will cry you river of our tears.

We will hold each other,

supporting each other

allowing all of our feelings to bind us close

as we continue our dance of Love and Life.

And so it is.


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Blessings, Lisa

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