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ABOUT PrayerSmith

Through PrayerSmith I strive to channel prayers for our collective experience to be used by anyone as an individual or as a group to manifest transformational change.


Each offering is a gift of a living prayer/declaration for you. Please allow your heart and spirit to change and adapt any prayer found here in any and every way so that you speak your true prayer.  I encourage you to embody and embrace your heartfelt prayer by speaking, declaring, believing, dancing, singing and celebrating it into being. 


Drop completely into your heartfelt feeling of your prayer realized and received, so that not only can you pray your prayer, but it can pray you!

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Allowing ourselves to believe this can both excite and frighten us. It is our free will birthright to create our own reality. As we empower ourselves with the belief and responsibility to create the life we want, we can consciously start transforming anything we have mis-created or neglected and start creating the beauty with seek. This endeavor requires us to take responsibility for anything manifesting in our lives as a mirror for what we believe or have allowed. Indeed, anything we have put out into the world, consciously or unconsciously, will present itself as our reality. This includes energies that we have complacently agreed to in the collective, or unresolved karma from past lives and/or ancestral bloodlines.


We can transmute, transform the reality around us, creating according to our heart-felt dreams and desires. As our collective energy transcends into higher vibrations of love, compassion and forgiveness, it is becoming easier and easier to transmute previous miscreations through love.  As we ask for Divine Love to help us manifest our dreams, we can better trust our worthiness and the goodness we seek. Divine Love gifts us free will to play, to create and to fail and succeed: this is the vehicle by which we all learn, grow and ascend through our earthly experiences. 

It is through our beliefs, the feeling attached to those beliefs, and the words we speak by which we define our reality and what is possible and of which we are capable. We pray, forgive, affirm, celebrate and believe what we want into being. 


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In our earthly experience, we incarnate into vulnerable physical beings. We experience the world through the physical realm. We feel hunger, pain, hurt, fear, love. We experience consequences in action and inaction. We experience our mortality. 


These experiences are not curses, they are blessings that give us choices by which we can make decisions and create our own realities. Our Higher Self, our spiritual self, knows that our essential being is eternal, and that no real permanent injury/harm can come from our human experiences, yet we can create the experience of suffering through our own self-limiting and self-condemning beliefs and creations for our learning. 


Our Higher Self knows that through the mystery and struggle of life experienced we are offered a dynamic opportunity to self-define who we are through pain and loss as well as pleasure, love and joy. This soul learning gives us the opportunity to realize our spiritual values and truths through our earthly experiences. 


We realize pain and despair through the misuse of power; and we realize bliss and joy as we transform struggle through kindness, compassion, forgiveness, love. In accordance with these beliefs, prayer is not always answered by instant gratification, but it is always miraculously answered through the gift of experience as the opportunity for us to reach the heartfelt desire we hold within the prayer we pray. 


Everything is interconnected and interdependent. Our physical form is created and sustained by the constant consumption/integration and transformation of matter all around us. We depend on this web of life. How we treat everything around us, is ultimately how we treat ourselves. What we sow, is what we reap. Our spiritual journey is to realize that the answers we seek are gained by our own internal responsibility in our fundamental care and respect and how we treat ourselves as well as all other beings, great and small, visible and invisible. 

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We treat others how we want to be treated. We give and receive with respect to the balance and needs of all beings in the web of life, so that together we can grow for everyone’s optimal actualization for highest potential. 


This requires that we humbly learn to heal ourselves so that we can live with all others without righteousness, entitlement. We can be in security and trust that as we each learn to live life in better balance with all others, that we can all be sustained through the giving and receiving of resources in every form.


Our collective consciousness defines our reality. We live in a grid of energy. Mother Gaia has organized this energy into a beautiful and diverse ecosystem of inter-dependency and co-creation. All beings/things have consciousness. Humans are blessed and cursed with a particular creative consciousness: we are dynamic physical creators, able to willfully alchemize energetic matter into form. We have created machines and industries/businesses that manipulate capitalizing our perceived resources.  We have created paradigms of caste hierarchies,ownership, privilege, lawful violence, exploit, and dependency/complacence. We have created capitalistic and oppressive paradigms which exploit and endanger natural resources and place our macro/micro-systems in imbalance to create with our toxic culture of scarcity and duality of “haves and have nots”. 


The good news is that we are awakening to reclaim our power, our communities, our earth.  Toxic paradigms cannot exist if we no longer collectively sustain them. More and more of us are challenging the toxic paradigms which keeps us all imprisoned, small, divided.

PrayerSmith believes that SELF practices of lived-in belief transmitting unconditional love, peace, unity, forgiveness, radical responsibility, compassion, kindness, and radical integrity will transform your life. 


PrayerSmith believes in the revolutionary power of prayer to heal and change the world through individual and group transformation. You and I are that powerful!

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We pray with new claimed freedom

 to pray 

where we want 

and how we want. 

With connection to our Higher Self,

with the blessing of change for

the highest and the greatest good for all,

We pray to Father-Mother God

who hears us and responds with love

as we declare transformation through

the love language of our heart. 

God’s true name is the experience of pure unconditional love.

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