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Joan of Arc Blessing

Truthteller, I AM.

Gripped by my conviction,

my heart beckons my bravery

to face that which I have fled.

I pray to open my heart

so that my soulful truth

can rise as fire in my belly,

to be consecrated

by the love of my sacred heart


to be blessed by the blue-sky silver wave of truth

emanating as my words spoken.

No matter if my voice trembles, shakes or sings,

my empowered vulnerability frees my Divine authentic autonomy!

I feel Joan of Arc’s hand

centered over my heart on my back.

Energized by her transmission of strength,

my spine straightens

and my shoulders lift.

She whispers into my ear

and I receive her message as an emblem

instantaneously blazing within my heart.

As she slowly pulls back her hand,

broadening my aura,

I feel the presence of my own mighty Angelic wings.

She moves to the front of me

and delivers into my open hands,

an energetic shield and sword.

Seeing myself in her transmission,

I mirror her

and I place my shield over my heart

and lift my sword into the heavens.

I AM safe to be in my power!

I AM empowered to speak my heartfelt truths!

My pure-hearted holy light illuminates my path. As I forge ahead, my shield and sword transmute all fear into the beauty of hope.

Powerful, I AM.

Free, I AM.




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Blessings, Lisa

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