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Connecting with My I AM Presence for Prayer and Blessing

I AM One with my I AM Presence

I AM One with Father-Mother God

I AM One with Christ Consciousness.

I AM Divine Love Incarnate.

I AM Divine Light Incarnate.

I AM One with the Angelic Realm, Celestial Ascended Masters, my omnipresent Guardian Angels, Multidimensional Guides, and all the Beings that love me unconditionally.

I AM One with my beloved ancestors.

Join me! Through our concerted efforts may we own and transfigure

all generational bloodline traumas and miscreations into blessings for all beings!

Join me and whisper encouragement into the openness of my listening heart.

Join me, to hold each other in deep acceptance, reverence, adoration and joyful healing celebration!

I AM One with Mother Gaia and all of Her Ascended Creations of all Beings in this magical realm.

With my heart wide open, I AM One with the mystical symbiotic web of this Earthly Realm.

I AM rooted to Mother Gaia’s heart-womb core,

blessed to experience my earthly body and every splendid pranic breath.

I AM One with the I AM Presence of all Beings,

while always channeling for the highest and greatest good for All.

I surrender my ego’s projections and attachments of what’s right,

so that I may receive and transmit all the goodness coming through me.

NOW, completely present

and grounded in my spiritual be-ing

and with all my spiritual support;

NOW, from My Sacred Heart:

I bless myself and declare my gratitude for all blessings flowing through me in all moments.

NOW, from My Sacred Heart,

I emanate all my prayerful wishes for myself, my loved ones, and all beings.

Hand over my beautiful heart,

and with my serene huge smile,

I sit, transmit, and receive

all the blessings my heart can hold

in this eternal moment.

When I feel ready to rise, I bow

in deep gratitude to and for the perfection and Grace

in the alchemy of All That Is.





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I hope this prayer is a blessing for you.

Please personalize it with your own words and beautiful heart-resonant energy.


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Thank you!


Blessings, Lisa

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